Environmental Sensitivity

Περιβαλλοντική Ευαισθησία tramontina

Considering the importance of protecting the environment, Tramontina ensures that products manufactured in it's plants are not burdening the Ecosystem and Environment.

Knowing the importance of forest conservation to protect the aquifer, warming and protection of many species of the animal kingdom, Tramontina is continuously investing in the controlled cultivation of forests and in the use of modern filters for the control of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.


Tramontina Hellas
TRAMOTNINA Group consists of 10 different companies based in Brazil. The Group's history starts 100 years ago (in 1911) when the family of the Italian immigrant Valentin Tramontina founded a traditional cutlery workshop.

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Our products

Our wide range of products includes Cutlery Items, Agricultural Tools, Hand Tool Horeca Products, Electrical Materials, Electrical Appliances, Furniture, Kitchen Utensils, Kitchen Sinks, Wash Basins and many more products.
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